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Phyllis Massenburg
Technology Trainer  
Digital Storyteller ~ Video Editor ~ Web Designer

 Innovative  Solutions

Digital Literacy Training Modules
Curated for Older Adults
Accessed with QR Codes


Training Modules.png

Scanning the mini-lessons will give a bite-size of the technology topics including: 

What is the Internet?

What is WiFi and Cellular Data?

What is the Cloud?


What are Apps?

Understanding URLs and More...

Technology Connections Coordinator
Durham Center for Senior Life


I came to DCSL as a volunteer and served as a Technology Trainer licensed by Senior Planet.   With a unique perspective, I have made a commitment to help seniors use technology to improve their lives. 




Senior Planet Technology Trainer
Information Technology Trainer

Screenshot 2022-06-03 172755.jpg

I am excited to bring Senior Planet from AARP's world-class programming locally.  Senior Planet's licensing program enables local, community-based organizations to deliver innovative classes to help seniors get online and stay engaged and active in their communities.  By joining the Senior Planet licensing program, I have made a commitment to help seniors learn to use technology to change their lives.

Murray-Massenburg Elementary School
Successful !!!   Digital Media Campaign



After submission of Betty Massenburg's name for the upcoming DPS Elementary School F, The Durham Public Schools Board of Education voted unanimously for the name of Elementary School F to be "Murray-Massenburg Elementary School."

Perfection Reinvented
Digital Media Marketing


buscard pr.png

Perfection Reinvented is a digital media marketing service for individuals, businesses, organizations and government.

Legacy Project
"Storytelling at Perfection"

The Legacy Website Project is an outgrowth of the legendary Betty Massenburg's upcoming Documentary, advocating to move legacy information to a digital format.

Digital Storytelling
"Share Your Story Forever"


Share Your Story Forever (Gift Certificate).png

Digital Storytelling is the art of producing a VIDEO that conveys a biography, interview, event or memory with engaging content.


Durham MASTER Minutes
Professional Consultation


The MASTER Minutes Series is a grassroots digital information-sharing project to enable entrepreneurs and professionals to gain knowledge, insights and nuggets of wisdom from seasoned experts on a time-saving platform tailored for today's environment. 

Phyllis Enterprises, Inc.
Cosmetology Company

As a trailblazer and trendsetter from the inception of "Phyllis' Nail and Tanning Gallery (now "Perfection)," I was left to carve out my own path with creative and ingenious new ideas to expand my vision.  I conducted nail seminars to train staff, produced training materials, slide presentations and posters to promote business which was 10 years prior to the influx of Asian Nail Salons.  

A Lifestyle of A Professional Cosmetologist



Cultivating Professional Friends Forever (PFF) (c)

"Cultivating PFF (c) is a process of building a clientele that may appear subconscious at first but moves to a conscious,  deliberate decision complete with an epiphany and an aha moment.  Cultivating PFF (c) is a conscience, intentional, discriminatory practice with a deliberate and decisive mindset."

Peebles Pandemic Project

Instructional Design Sample


We Are Closed Temporarily (c)

The Peebles Pandemic Project embraced the mission of capturing a glimpse of our families, communities, country and world during the 2020 Coronavirus Covid 19 Pandemic.  The rare and unique globalization of a Pandemic experience hopefully will be few and far between in World History.  The scope of this Documentary is personal experiences after the-stay-at-home declaration was issued due to the overwhelming of the healthcare system because of illness and death.  The Coronavirus caused life to be quickly "Closed Temporarily" due to the rampant spread of the Covid 19 disease that was killing unfathomable numbers of people.

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